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Retreat & Relax! Broad Beach In Malibu, California

  It’s always sunny in Southern California, so why not plan to take a vacation? Once again we provide you with a striking destination to explore on your next vacation. This stunning, luxurious and amazing retreat offers up room for twelve, and also boasts plenty of privacy throughout. The home is host to 5 bedrooms [...]

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Bali: an earthly paradise, a land of lush landscapes, a place to eat, pray, love, and party. Just when you think it can’t get any more magical, Brydie Mack arrives with a camera and Joanna Halpin in tow. Halpin is a British It-Girl who regularly makes waves on Instagram. She’s also a model and, along [...]

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burkini creator speaks out on the french beach ban

As shocking images of police in Nice forcing a woman to remove her clothes spread across social media, the Australian swimwear designer responds. In events that appear to mirror the moral policing of women's clothing in countries like Saudi Arabia (where police officers have order women to cover themselves up), police in French resort towns [...]

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The stylish way to enjoy beach

The most expensive yet the most stylish and with the outmost quality beach-bar-restaurant in Greece, or even in Europe... Next to the calm crystal clear waters of psarou beach, the quality of services is acknowledged by princes, celebs and common people who can afford paying 100 euros for sunbeds... The food is delicious, the service [...]

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