Bali: an earthly paradise, a land of lush landscapes, a place to eat, pray, love, and party. Just when you think it can’t get any more magical, Brydie Mack arrives with a camera and Joanna Halpin in tow.

Halpin is a British It-Girl who regularly makes waves on Instagram. She’s also a model and, along with her sister, one-half of the duo behind What She Said Blog. With a childhood spent in the English coastal countryside of Cornwall, her connection to the beach began at an early age and never left.

Brydie Mack is a creative director, photographer, and stylist based in Sydney. Her raw, minimal aesthetic and appreciation of the female form make her a powerful force behind the camera. It doesn’t hurt that she and and Halpin are besties, either.

Together the two ladies took a Bali beach by storm, along with an eye-catching chapeau, to significantly improve the scenery.

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