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Salt & Pepper Martini

Though unorthodox, Michael McIlroy’s Salt & Pepper Martini at Temple Bar has a little something for everyone. Its celery bitters, manzanilla sherry and saline solution elegantly address the common request for an “extra dirty” Martini, while Espelette pepper liqueur and Sweety Drop peppers answer the crowd-pleasing call for something spicy. As the Martini craze shows [...]

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How to Make a Bramble, a Gin Drink Invented by a Pioneer of the Cocktail Renaissance

Spring is the best time to enjoy bartender Dick Bradsell's blackberry-accented modern classic. A cocktail’s story—where it came from, how it was first made—is almost never easy to pin down. Sometimes, as with the Sazerac, it’s a murky swamp of details, ingredients popping in and out of the early recipes with no clear genealogy, all [...]

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