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Your Spring Cocktail’s Secret Weapon

Muddled, shaken or made into a cordial, snap peas add bright, savory flavor to spritzes, highballs and more. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________   In a year when Instagram has arguably served up more drinks than most in-person bartenders, eye-catching bright colors count. No wonder the snap pea cocktail has become a borderline phenomenon. Yet, the vibrant green hue [...]

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How to Make a Bramble, a Gin Drink Invented by a Pioneer of the Cocktail Renaissance

Spring is the best time to enjoy bartender Dick Bradsell's blackberry-accented modern classic. A cocktail’s story—where it came from, how it was first made—is almost never easy to pin down. Sometimes, as with the Sazerac, it’s a murky swamp of details, ingredients popping in and out of the early recipes with no clear genealogy, all [...]

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Strawberry Bellini

A spring twist on a classic bellini, we use strawberry purée instead of peach. The result is an easy, beautifully-hued seasonal cocktail that’s perfect for brunch.     1. Place the strawberries in a powerful blender and blitz until smooth. Pass through a fine mesh sieve. 2. Divide the strawberry purée between 6 glasses (or [...]

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Pink Lady

Yes, the pink lady is pink. And yes, it does have “lady” in the name. But the good people at Playboy interviewed a few bartenders about this, and if they’re not worried about the femininity of your drink, then you shouldn’t be either. The cocktail gets its pink hue from the 2 dashes of grenadine [...]

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Back again for its seventh year, London Cocktail Week brings the best of the city’s drink scene to the forefront of your world for a full seven days. More than 200 bars are involved, offering drink specials, throwing crazy parties, and developing immersive experiences. And unlike some of the massive mud pits you may have [...]

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UV Vodka Fruit Party Cocktail

There’s nothing like taking it back to the old school when it comes to cocktails. The UV Fruit Party cocktail is the perfect new school rendition of an old school classic. The IV Fruit Party Cocktail is a vodka and orange juice situation with a twist. It adds a bit of flavor from a variety [...]

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To cocktail που γεννήθηκε κατά λάθος

Οι Μεξικάνοι οφείλουν να φτιάξουν ένα άγαλμα στη… Santa Margarita και να το περιφέρουν σε όλες τις λιτανείες τους. Αν δεν είχε εφευρεθεί αυτό το cocktail, η τεκίλα θα παρέμενε μια ταπεινή εγχώρια απόλαυση και δεν θα εξελισσόταν ποτέ στο κορυφαίο εξαγώγιμο προϊόν που είναι σήμερα. Αντίστοιχη χάρη, όμως, οφείλουν και στο περιοδικό Esquire – [...]

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