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Mario Biondi

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SONG OF THE DAY/Mario Biondi – You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine

https://youtu.be/8YdzY7PzDMA You'll never find, as long as you live Someone who loves you tender like I do You'll never find, no matter where you search Someone who cares about you the way I do Whoa, I'm not braggin' on myself, baby But I'm the one who loves you and there's no one else No-o-o-o one [...]

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Happy Sunday ♥️

https://youtu.be/UWSbvC_eF1s https://youtu.be/d7pYCmp0_do https://youtu.be/-GkcqRav1VE Qui a raccontarmi come se mi conoscessi già Girarti intorno senza meta nel circuito L'unica linea questo filo che sento dentro me La voglia, la pazzia, l'idea Incontro magico fra noi, raggio di luna tu Sentirti come il lampo, i fulmini e l'incognita E abbandonarmi senza regole né limiti La voglia, la [...]

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summer hit!

Mario Biondi - Smooth Operator https://youtu.be/WDzGJd0grcc   Diamond life, lover boy He move in space with minimum waste and maximum joy City lights and business nights When you require streetcar desire for higher heights No place for beginners or sensitive hearts When sentiment is left to chance No place to be ending but somewhere to [...]

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Mario Biondi - Do You Feel Like I Feel https://youtu.be/CNcwkz3bqco Hey little sister Have you hear the news today? We gonna shape the world our way Hey little darling Have you seen the skies ain't gray Our love has cleared the clouds away Stop look and listen to your heart Do you feel like I [...]

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