What separates a good perfume from a great one? Well, the best perfumes for women are those that have the power to evoke treasured memories of people, places and things, and can conjure up a range of emotions as a result. And that comes down to science.

“A smell is interpreted when an odour passes into the brain’s olfactory bulb, via the upper part of the nose,” explains perfumer Frederic Malle. “That information then goes to an area where emotions are processed, after which it is carried to the part of the brain where memory forms.”


There are many things to consider when choosing the ultimate fragrance. Are you someone who likes to announce your presence in a room with a lingering signature scent? Or are you spritzing with a more intimate interaction in mind? Another thing to think about is the notes you prefer. If you know you like your fragrances light and fresh, seek out citrus notes like bergamot or mandarin. If you like them sweet, try notes of vanilla or almond.

You might also want to consider the change of season; as we move into the winter months, why not wrap up in a richer, more sumptuous fragrance? Look, then, to notes of spice, wood and leather, like sandalwood or oud.