On a bright September weekend, I arrived at Adults Only Hotel Nido, ready to immerse myself in a rich blend of culinary delights and Corfu’s timeless charm

Last weekend, I stepped into a culinary paradise at Nido in Corfu, all thanks to the brilliant minds at MarBella Hotels and their Greek Chefs Abroad initiative. This venture, now in its thriving third year, is the brainchild of the forward-thinking MarBella Hotels, orchestrating a symphony of flavours by summoning stellar Greek chefs from across the globe to curate unprecedented menus for their discerning guests. In other words, a great way to celebrate the vibrant Greek-Mediterranean cuisine – a true testament to tradition meeting modernity, to local ingredients meeting international flair

Arriving at Nido

Everywhere I looked, there was something beautiful catching my eye. It was like stepping into a paradise where the classic and the modern danced in a perfect duo, painting a picture of Corfu’s vibrant personality right in the heart of the hotel.


The place was a feast for the senses. I found myself lost in the rich colors that echoed the gorgeous Ionian surroundings, with lush greens and deep blues playing a warm, welcoming tune that seemed to carry the joyful energy of the beach, even indoors.

Awarded by the Conde Nast Traveler Reader’s Choice Awards as one of the top 10 resorts in Greece, Nido, a proud member of the Small Luxury Hotels, holds a special spot in the MarBella Collection. This adults-only haven bathes in the rich Greek sunlight, offering a peaceful escape into comfort and elegance.

I loved that everything there spoke of Corfu’s heritage, from the bright Venetian colors that dominate the interiors, to the modern arches that give a village-like feel to the place. Inspired by the local surroundings, including the treasured church of Agios Ioannis Peristeron, the design captures the island’s warm atmosphere beautifully. I couldn’t help but admire the true embodiment of Corfu’s spirit in the suites, with their carefully chosen color palettes and the use of local materials, which include features such as metal pergolas with reeds and distinctive iron railings, bringing a touch of Corfu’s tradition into the modern day.

The Apaggio Magic

Situated with a view that could easily steal your breath, the Apaggio restaurant was about to become the canvas for a gastronomic journey curated by the masterful Christos Bisiotis

With his culinary skills honed from experiences spanning Miami to the White House, Bisiotis, a man who embodies passion in every aspect of his life, especially food, took us on a delightful journey through his Mediterranean inspirations. Each dish was a story, but the Barbouni Sashimi and the Lagoustines Saganaki were tales that resonated with my soul; a beautiful marriage of creativity and tradition that had me lingering on every bite.

A Toast to Tradition with a Twist

The following evening, a different kind of magic was unfolding at the very same place, this time under the guidance of the celebrated chef Sotiris Evangelou. From his enriching journey from Tyrnavos to the kitchens of Alain Ducasse in Paris, Evangelou has brought a touch of refined elegance to the MarBella Collection, curating the menus of all the restaurants

The centerpiece of the night was his take on the traditional Corfiot dish – Pastitsada. It felt like home, yet it was a home revisited with new experiences, a dish so rooted in tradition yet presented with a cosmopolitan flair.

My Top Moments at Nido

But the delights don’t stop here! Here are 5 more top moments that made my stay at Nido a truly unforgettable one:

1. Breakfast at the chic San Giovanni Terrace

2. Jazz Trio Live Set by the Pool

There’s nothing quite like chilling by the pool, a cool drink in hand, as a jazz trio adds a perfect soundtrack to the moment. The live set created a laid-back, yet sophisticated atmosphere that just heightened the sense of bliss I was soaking in at Nido.

3. The Idyllic Beach

Words can hardly do justice to the peace and beauty offered by the hotel’s pristine beach. It was the idyllic setting to simply be, to breathe in the salty sea air, and to let the soft waves play at my feet.

4. Room with a View

Having a private pool in my room was not just a luxury; it was a canvas of moments, a theatre of nature where I could swim with the setting sun painting the sky in hues of pink, orange, and purple.

5. Visiting Agios Spyridon Chapel

Tucked within the resort is a little gem – the chapel dedicated to Agios Spyridon, the protector saint of the island. One more rich dip into the vibrant local culture and history.

As I bid farewell to Nido, I carried with me not just the delightful memories of a culinary journey unparalleled but also the vibrant spirit of a place where every corner echoed with warmth, elegance, and a promise of new beginnings and joyful discoveries.