Moby took to Facebook and YouTube this morning to announce a new album, These Systems Are Failing, which, according to Resident Advisor, will see release on the musical icon’s own imprint, Little Idiot Music, on October 14th. Interestingly, Moby captioned the video with “debut album soon”, referring to the semi-recently established collaborative project between the prolific producer and The Void Pacific Choir, whom Moby has been releasing music with since the group’s announcement in the fall of 2015.

The video teaser released today pieces together what is assumed as multiple cuts from the forthcoming LP, while imagery congruent with the album’s title flashes and strobes with dramatic effect. The music itself appears to be blatantly energetic and vocal-driven, blending elements of 80s synth, electronic, and rock for a departure from the tamer sounds of Moby’s most recent solo studio record, Innocents, released in 2013.