The new year is in full swing and resolutions are already falling by the wayside.

Pre-work jogs and salads for lunch don’t seem as appealing as they did a week ago. We’re back to checking Instagram before bed and email first thing in the morning. We’re spending a little more than we should, drinking a little more than we should, and sleeping a little less than we should.

But one resolution we’re determined to keep in 2017 is to see more of the world. A feed full of dreamy travel Instagrams is a constant reminder of just how big and beautiful our planet is – and how little of it we’ve actually explored.

This week’s finest traverse the globe from Finland to the Philippines, Dubai to the Dolomites, Canada to Cuba. We stop in Madagascar for a stroll down the famous Avenue of the Baobabs. We brave the far reaches of Kamchatka, Russia, which boasts the highest density of active volcanoes anywhere in the world. We venture underground in Slovenia’s Postojna Cave and into the wilds of China for the mammoth Leshan Giant Buddha.

And that’s merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Sate your wanderlust with the gallery above and get 2017’s bucket list ready.