I have long been a fan of Peloponnese and Costa Navarino Dunes has always been a favorite of mine. So when the much-anticipated new entry, W Costa Navarino opened in early August, I was more than intrigued to discover its allure. So much so, that I felt the urge to visit it as soon as it was ready to welcome guests in its awesome retreat. I was lucky enough to be there on its second day during sunset, a time that W Costa Navarino bathes in glorious golden light.

 yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7Imagine this: a vibrant resort on the beach, surrounded by the pristine natural landscape of the Peloponnese and millennia of history and local culture, complemented by the unique energy that comes with a pulsating beach club, art, and happenings. Exclusively for adults and young adults over 12 years old, W Costa Navarino, the first W Hotel in Greece, is set within a scenic 32-acre site along a sandy beach of 1,500ft, overlooking the protected and historic Bay of Navarino.

Here are 10 reasons to fall in love with W Costa Navarino:

–        Architecture

The entire property is designed as a Greek coastal village, reflecting Costa Navarino’s dedication to promoting local culture and heritage in a sustainable manner. All the structures of the resort feature planted roofs and complement the natural beachfront setting, while the overall traditional Greek aesthetics are filtered through the lens of fresh modern beach living.

With architectural design led by renowned Greek architects Tombazis and Associates, W Costa Navarino takes inspiration from the region’s traditional architecture with cobbled paths, monolithic buildings and stone towers. Using local materials, Costa Navarino’s dedication to sustainable practices is reflected in the hotel’s timeless design unified within lush indigenous greenery. The unique architectural design of the destination beach club Parelía as well as the Platía, were designed by Tombazis and Athens-based K-Studio, with the latter also leading interiors at Parelía.

–        The Swim-up Rooms and the Beachfront Infinity Villas

 yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7This is the wow factor. Literally. With direct access to one of the pools, the Fabulous Infinity Swim-Up Rooms are perfect for groups of friends booking adjoining accommodation. For an exclusive luxury private stay, guests may choose from the WOW Beachfront Infinity Suites or one of the WOW Beachfront Infinity Villas complete with an outdoor private terrace and pool, as well as direct access to the beach.

–        Parelía



From the moment I entered the lobby, the direct view to the sea made me want to discover the beach and its amenities. After all, the beach club is set to be the social hot spot of W Costa Navarino. Its name Parelía’s combines the Greek word ‘parea’, meaning friends socializing, with ‘paralia’, meaning beach. Created to encourage spontaneous moments of fun, it serves contemporary Greek Mediterranean cuisine, focusing on delectable sharing dishes accompanied by unexpected cocktail collisions. So here we are seated at a beachfront table looking at the sunset extravaganza of W Costa Navarino and tasting the menu created by Parelía’s chef. If you are to enjoy dinner there, make sure you get the divine shrimp tartar, the rovitsa salad with the smoked eel as well as the various cuts of meat not to mention all the delicious desserts with the tiramisu being a must-try!

–        Interiors at W Costa Navarino



I was impressed by the way the interiors celebrate the heritage of Greek artisans with a palette of neutral tones occasionally met with pops of color. Infused with the unexpected, thoughtful design elements of W Hotels, the interior design across the resort including the public areas and the culinary square – Platía – was led by London-based and globally focused studio MKV Design. Modern yet refined interpretations of traditional craftsmanship can be seen through the lighting and flooring, referencing the time-honored Greek basket weavers and leather chairs that offer a contemporary interpretation of regional saddler’s art.

–        Art at W Costa Navarino


A work of art inspired by the Linear B script developed by the Bronze Age Mycenean civilization

W Costa Navarino ignites curiosity with contemporary art throughout the hotel, intended to provoke conversation among guests. The awesome artwork curation is led by visual artist and curator Poka-Yio and a team of young artists by the Athens School of Fine Arts LAB12.  “I am interested in what someone experiences from the first moment they enter a space until the last. If something has clicked for them, even slightly, then we have achieved a connection. We’ve put greater emphasis on elements that evoke the area’s history and landscapes, but we deliver these aspects tacitly, peripatetically, and even abstractly. We were inspired, for example, by the Linear B script developed by the Bronze Age Mycenean civilization, whose influence runs deep in this part of Greece. Our era is an age of codified communications, with emoticons, abbreviated sentences and punctuation forming an entirely new world, so we created a series of ceramic tiles with etchings that suggest a condensed form of communication. These tiles have been placed throughout the space. Other works like the quirky vases in the villas are inspired by archaeological artifacts discovered at the bottom of the sea, with lichens and moss growing out of them, like a pop excavation, or the modernist sculptures of Manos Tsichlis, which are inspired by African figurines. I also love the delicate designs of Evi Roumani, which draw inspiration from the digital world and act like monuments to mundane, mechanical actions”, Poka-Yio says.

–        The W Totem


The W Totem is different in every W Hotel. Inspired by the local area and Greek heritage, the custom-designed W totem of W Costa Navarino is the first to be photographed upon arrival, crafted with reclaimed wood collected from old fishing boats, paying homage to seafaring, which runs so deeply in the Constantakopoulos family..

–        Platía, the culinary square

Platía is a playful spin on the traditional Greek food market and is a destination for breakfast, daytime coffees, or a relaxed group dinner in the evening. The space evokes the informal buzz and energy of a marketplace with four separate “grab & go” outlets. The Café celebrates coffee culture with daily ground coffee selection and a roastery serving all specialty varieties, in addition to fresh juices and snacks throughout the day. For light bites and local delicacies, the Deli Store offers a selection of cold cuts of meat, cheese and regional specialties; the Bakery serves homemade daily baked indulgences, while the Cookery presents an open-style kitchen for morning breakfast and plays host to visiting chefs and pop-up concepts.

–   Pools


By the pool

A breath-taking infinity pool with views across the crystalline Ionian Sea and beyond runs through the hotel, along with plenty of space to relax in the sun after a swim.

–  Music

With original music programming, W Costa Navarino offers a diverse, genre-defying program including funky house, hot disco, afro-house, tribal and neo-soul. The resort is set to host international and local DJs and musicians each season such as Alex Nude and Valeron & Band, to complement its roster of resident DJs including Ukrainian Rie Kiriiaka, Greek-Colombian DJ Montana Cruz and Greece’s own Vasilis Georgakopoulos.

–  The AWAY Spa

This state-of-the-art spa offers an extensive menu of treatments to balance guests’ energy while FIT gym has a 25-meter outdoor heated swimming pool and the latest gym equipment. W Costa Navarino also offers a program of workout classes and wellness experiences designed for any fitness level, including beach boot camp classes, ‘Kalimera’ yoga sessions, ‘5 Rhythms’ dance movement meditation practice and beach power Pilates.