We know these photos of Jennifer Lopez on Harper’s Bazaar’s December 2016/January 2107 issue are supposed to promote her highly anticipated new shoe collection with Giuseppe Zanotti, but we’ll admit, the shoes were not the first thing we saw when we spotted J Lo looking mighty sexy. The singer, actress, producer, and mom of two — who is extremely busy filming her show Shades of Blue, while working on a new dance show and a Spanish language album — is steaming up your screen with her sensual poses and curves, showing off her sparkly and strappy sky-high heels launching in January.

In the interview accompanying the hot photos of Jennifer in minidresses and even a swimsuit, on newsstands Nov. 22, she opens up about creating the line with the Italian designer and using her signature colors “Jennifer Pink” and “Jennifer Blue” as inspiration. But that’s not all, the Puerto Rican beauty also reveals the unexpected piece she wore on her way to deliver her now 8-year-old twins, Emme and Max. Scroll ahead for the must-read quotes and more photos of J Lo in all her glory.

On working for the Giuseppe for Jennifer Lopez collection: “I have a certain sensibility about the way I dress and design, and I just kind of handed that to him. People really associate me with sparkle and a little bit of street edge and things like that. I wanted to make sure the collection had that, but then some

[styles] feel very glam and high-end fashion.”
On her memories associated with fashion: “If you hear a song from a certain time and you’re like, ‘Oh, my God!,’ it takes you back to that period in your life. I do the same thing with my closet. I walk in and I see a hat or a pair of shoes or a coat, and I go, ‘Wow! I remember I was wearing that the day this happened, or I was walking down the street; or I heard this or my mom said that, or my boyfriend . . . ‘ You know what I mean? ‘And I was dating so-and-so’ . . . I think of the day my kids were born . . . It was in the middle of a snowstorm, and I wore this big white fur coat. I was huge, and it was the only coat that would fit me. Every time I see that coat, I think of the day my kids were born.”
On her daughter Emme’s sense of style: “She loves fashion. She was wearing my shoes as soon as she started walking. She’s actually learning to sew already. Who knows? We may have a little designer on our hands.”
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