Porque (Marasi Remix)

Pochill is an Italian music project known for their ambient and downtempo sound. “Porque” is one of their popular songs, and the Marasi Remix adds a unique touch to the original track. The remix infuses the original composition with additional electronic elements, creating a captivating blend of atmospheric sounds and rhythms. Pochill’s music often evokes a sense of relaxation and introspection, making it perfect for chilling out and enjoying a laid-back vibe. If you enjoy the remix, you might want to explore more of Pochill’s discography for their signature soothing and atmospheric tunes.

Seba Campos, Gizmo VarillasLluvia


Seba Campos and Gizmo Varillas are both talented musicians known for their captivating music. While I couldn’t find a collaboration between them specifically on a song called “Lluvia,” both artists have released songs that evoke a sense of rain or rain-related themes.

Seba Campos, a Chilean singer-songwriter, has a song titled “Lluvia en la Ciudad” (“Rain in the City”). This track showcases his heartfelt vocals and poetic lyrics, creating a melancholic atmosphere that reflects the emotions associated with rainy days.

Gizmo Varillas, a Spanish-British artist, has a song called “Rain in the Morning” that beautifully captures the essence of rainfall. With his warm vocals and vibrant instrumentation, Gizmo Varillas creates a melodic and uplifting experience.

Both artists bring their unique styles and talents to their music, and if you appreciate songs with rain-related themes, you may find their respective tracks captivating and enjoyable.

Sharlene-MoniqueThank You

Sharlene-Monique is a British singer-songwriter known for her soulful and uplifting music. One of her popular songs is titled “Thank You.” This heartfelt track showcases her powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics, expressing gratitude and appreciation. “Thank You” is a beautiful expression of gratitude towards the people who have made a positive impact in one’s life. Sharlene-Monique’s music often combines elements of soul, gospel, and R&B, creating a rich and soul-stirring sound. If you enjoy songs with uplifting messages and soulful melodies, you might find Sharlene-Monique’s music to be a delightful listening experience.

The SlackersDon’t Let The Sunlight Fool Ya

“Don’t Let The Sunlight Fool Ya” is a song by The Slackers, a popular American ska band. This track is known for its catchy melodies, upbeat rhythms, and a fusion of ska, reggae, and rock influences. The song encourages listeners to stay true to themselves and not be fooled by surface appearances or deceptive situations. The Slackers are highly regarded in the ska scene for their energetic performances and their ability to blend various genres into their music. If you enjoy ska or upbeat music with a positive message, “Don’t Let The Sunlight Fool Ya” by The Slackers is definitely worth a listen.

Louis York, Jessie JHeaven Bound

Monsieur Minimal
White And Black Angel (Those Guys From Athens Remix)

Monsieur Minimal is a Greek musician and songwriter known for his indie pop and electronic music. “White And Black Angel” is one of his popular songs. The remix you mentioned, “White And Black Angel (Those Guys From Athens Remix),” adds a unique touch to the original track. “White And Black Angel” itself features Monsieur Minimal’s distinctive vocals and atmospheric soundscapes, creating a dreamy and melodic experience. The remix by Those Guys From Athens adds their own electronic elements and production style, giving the song a fresh and danceable twist. If you enjoy Monsieur Minimal’s music, exploring remixes like this one can offer a different perspective on his work.

SavageDon’t Cry Tonight (Fs Extended)


I Gotta Keep Dancin’
by Carrie Lucas

“I Gotta Keep Dancin'” is a disco song by Carrie Lucas, an American R&B and disco singer. The track was released in 1977 as a single and became a popular dance anthem during the disco era. Carrie Lucas was known for her soulful and energetic vocals, and “I Gotta Keep Dancin'” captures the upbeat and infectious spirit of disco music. The song encourages listeners to keep dancing and enjoying life despite any challenges or setbacks. If you enjoy disco music and upbeat dance tunes, “I Gotta Keep Dancin'” by Carrie Lucas is definitely worth a listen

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