A pizzeria in Thessaloniki has gone viral because it makes a huge pizza with a diameter of one metre that can result in you winning 100 euros.

Specifically, the pizzeria is called “Raffaele” and has three stores in Thessaloniki. The store is a magnet for those who are in or visiting Greece’s second largest city since the pizza it makes weighs seven kilograms and has a diameter of one metre.

But this is not the only reason why it has gone viral, since it has also put a challenge on social media.
Specifically, the challenge is that if a group of four people eat the massive pizza, they get 100 euros.

Do you think you and your friends can beat it? Join now and claim 3 €100 gift vouchers to eat even more!

The challenge will take place in all 3 of their stores, where 3 teams of 4 people will compete with each. The team that makes the best time in each store wins a €100 gift certificate to try their entire menu.

The pizza has a perimeter of 3.2 metres and is baked in an oven especially made for it. A group of 15 people can eat it with relative comfort and it needs to be pre-ordered for its preparation.

The manager of the business and the initiator of the idea, Nikos Karageorgos, spoke to Thestival and said that the occasion for this huge pizza was the company’s birthday in combination with the lifting of restrictions due to the pandemic.

“On the occasion of the completion of seven years since the day the business opened, I said to do something special and different. It came about as an idea for a celebration in stores. I wanted to do something unusual,” he said.

The lifting of measures against the spread of the coronavirus in catering establishments seems to have played a decisive role in the creation of this delicious idea.

“We wanted now that things are better to get closer to our friends again. That’s why I thought of such a large pizza for many people. People like extravagance in food, they want to be impressed, and this is achieved,” noted Karageorgos.