Everybody knows or has been to Eternal City,the gorgeous and impressive Roma,yet sometimes we need some special tips and places to be in order to live as a Roman and feel the Roman experience We spent 4 days in Rome and we walked 45 km(…) It is not as intimidating as it sounds Rome is the city of great walks and everything can be reached in a walking distance of thirty minutes,except the Vatican

First of all,where do I stay ??
We think that the place of accommodation is the most important reason to enjoy a city or not

You can choose from around 3500 hotels apartments and BBs,yet we have made a choice ,a difficult one according to budget and something special the Hotel has to offer…Yes,we are Hotels people,we love waking up in the morning and having a decadent,sweet and savory breakfast,we love receptions and room service,what can I say??
First choice for its excellent position around everything is Hotel dei Borgia in Monti,via Palermo.You can find more luxury or lobby design elsewhere,yet Dei Borgia gives you the luxury of a wonderful room with beautiful tapestry ,excellent breakfast choices and a staff that is always ready to fulfill all your needs.Not to say the same :Location is the best way to choose a hotel and Monti is in the middle of everything and full of palazzo and typical Italian Trattorias,not bad at all!!
Second choice is Roma Luxus because of its interior design,you think you enter a fairytale place and the excellent Michelin awarded restaurants!!
Here you feel like living in a tropical place,full of energy,young people and native s who prefer it for its vibes

Third and Fourth choice is the upper level experience of 5 stars…Rome has lots of 5 star hotels.How can we make a distinction??
We can and we did,having in mind 4 factors:location,as usual,interior design,level of services and last but not least,the history of each Hotel,what everybody thinks about it

So,Hotel de Russie in via dei Bambuino is a hidden gem,with inner gardens and palm trees and all these in the middle of a very touristic street…Every expensive meets all the expectations and more.The inner gardens offer cafe,aperitivo and whatever you feel like next to a lobby full of tropical flowers and fragrances The rooms are quiet and upper level and the breakfast is as good as the rest of the facilities

Last but most important choice for a traveler who wants to spend its money in Rome is Hotel Hassler an iconic hotel since the 30s,fully renovated full of history and cinematic moments(most recent The Man From UNCLE) It’s position is in front of the Spanish steps and as you can imagine the view from all the rooms and the hotel rooftop is amazing The level of amenities can reach a six star hotel and most importantly,you can enjoy a cocktail or a dinner as an outside guest as well What is exquisite in this hotel is the Salon Eva at the lobby,a famous bar which is on of the reasons you have to be in Rome itself As we said,history does it better and travels our day!!

Enjoy the Eternal City