Essential Oils

The simplest recommendation for guys on a budget is not to bother with any Eau de anything, but rather keep it simple. Sandalwood, sage, vanilla, lavender, and thousands of other essential oils provide a wide variety of choice smells that are natural and appealing. If you think smelling like cinnamon or cacao isn’t a turn-on, you’ve never met women.


Liz Claiborne Curve

Despite the downright “girly” look of the bottle, and the fact it’s not generally aimed at men, this has a fun, fruity sensibility that’s more playful and less dense than more traditional male smells. It will make you stand out in the best possible way.

Armani Code

Sensual with its deep notes of tobacco and leather, this is a short-lived smell that we suggest keeping on hand for when you need to impress, but don’t want the smell to linger.

Kouros For Men

Lavender, spice, and amber mix it up in Kouros and defy tradition by singing on the nose with more boldness than many modern scents. It lasts a long time, though can fall into the category of being a mature man’s smell which may remind many of their father, for good or ill.

Michael Kors For Men

Suede and patchouli are the most identifiable smells, with the others being far less distinct and thus more than a little mysterious. Certainly macho, this is a cornerstone product that never hurts to have on hand.