Though Europe is on every travel enthusiast’s bucket list, airline cancellations, lost baggage, travel costs rising and issues on the ground in Europe may make travelers want to venture elsewhere for their next trip. With airport chaos and ‘Airmageddon’ on the mind, some travelers can also start to look for alternative world destinations to enjoy this fall.

“Europe is a top travel destination, hands down. Explore has many spectacular tours in Europe, but we also have once-in-a-lifetime trips on all seven continents. Places like Colombia, Botswana, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and the U.S. fan favorite, Costa Rica, offering authentic small group experiences led by expert local guides., Michael Edwards, Managing Director, Explore Worldwide told Travel Noire.

See below 8 world destinations that provide alternatives to tourist-packed Europe, according to Explore Worldwide:

1. Jordan

Petra, Jordan

Jordan is known for its desertic areas, impressive ruins and amazing old architecture.

Visitors can experience the most popular tourist destination in Jordan, the ‘rose city’ of Petra, but will also discover Jordan’s rugged beauty and rich heritage with time in the Wadi Rum Desert and Amman and Jerash.

2. Botswana

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Botswana is an excellent destination to experience the beauty of remote wilderness and track Africa’s greatest animals. Travelers can stay on a houseboat on the delta, sleep under canvas in the bush and visit Victoria Falls (a.k.a. The Smoke That Thunders).

3. Thailand

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Tourism has opened back up in Thailand following its pandemic closure and on this cultural journey the tour ventures into the heart of Thailand where guests will discover ancient sights and cruise along bustling waterways.

According to Explore Worldwide,  visitors can explore Bangkok, cycling through the village of Sukhothai and learning about conservation at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai are on the itinerary.

4. Mexico

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Bhargava Marripati

Mexico is still on many Americans’ go-to lists, and this is an exciting way to journey through the ancient heartland of the Aztecs, Zapotecs and the Maya, while also experiencing Belize and Guatemala.

Visitors can experience the foodie hub of Oaxaca in Mexico, the jungles of Guatemala, explore charming colonial towns and discover ancient sites including Palenque and Tikal.

5. Japan

Jezael Melgoza

Japan has also recently opened back up to tourists following the pandemic, and guests on this tour will travel from super-modern Tokyo to villages, castles and temples that remain unchanged from the times of the Shogun and Samurai.

6. Colombia

A girl shows an Afro-Colombian hairstyle during the 13th contest of Afro hairdressers "Tejiendo Esperanzas" (Weaving Hopes) in Cali, Valle del Cauca department, Colombia, on July 2, 2017. The contest seeks to revive African customs, identity and culture in Colombia. / AFP PHOTO / LUIS ROBAYO
(LUIS ROBAYO/AFP/Getty Images)

Travelers can experience  ‘magical realism’ in Colombia. Rich in culture, with enormous biodiversity and a notoriously friendly and welcoming population, a journey through this eclectic country is packed with standout moments.

7. Saudi Arabia

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There are few places in the world that could be described as outside the reach of tourism, and Saudi Arabia may be one of them. Images of desert adventures or busy souks are only one side of this eclectic country, known as the birthplace of Islam.

8. Costa Rica

For a tiny country, Costa Rica packs a huge wildlife punch. Containing 5% of the world’s biodiversity, its thick forests teeming with life, from brightly colored toucans to slow-moving sloths.