Ninja Tune you are spoiling us rotten at the moment. Not weeks after dropping the first single from The Cinematic Orchestra’s latest release, and off the back of a ridiculously strong new LP from Illum Sphere, they’ve also thrown out a new Bonobo tune. On top of that, the man himself has announced that he’s got a new album coming in early 2017, and he’ll be touring in both Europe and North America to support the release.

So, the track. It’s called ‘Kerala’, and it’s a perfect demonstration of how much Bonobo has progressed as an arranger, with a smooth Brandy vocal sample tying together a rickety beat and some twitching, tickling strings. The video, meanwhile, is kind of terrifying in a beautiful way. It sees Gemma Arterton frantically fleeing an impending meteor strike, but it’s cut so that each clutch of frames loops a few nauseating times before allowing the narrative to progress. This kind of temporal fragmentation gives the video an interesting edge, but I struggled to watch it without feeling agitated, or like I having a particularly bad trip.

Thomas Azier – Talk To Me

Tre Sera – Show Me What You’re Made Of (feat. Matthew Grant)

Feel-good dance vibes.