The Celine we all know and love is back. No one can do a soaring ballad like the Canadian chanteuse.

Celine Dion just premiered her new single in honor of her late husband Rene Angelil, who died after battling throat cancer earlier this year. “Recovering” tells the journey of the 48-year-old singer getting back on her feet after her tragic loss. The moving lyrics were penned by none other than Pink.


“She is like a magic light bulb, walking around emanating light into the world. … I wanted to hear Celine’s soul. She is just simply amazing, and getting to write a song for her is one of the biggest honors of my life.” – Pink said about Dion to Entertainment Weekly

Dion will perform the song live on Stand Up To Cancer on Friday and then on Monday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “Recovering” is confirmed to appear on Celine’s upcoming English album. It’s her first since 2013’s Loved Me Back To Life. Give her latest a listen below.

“I am thrilled not only because I am a fan, but because I know

[Pink] personally and have met her a few times. She’s a genuine person and [it was] so generous of her to take the time to write a song for me during the most difficult time of mine. People have a tendency to send me really sad songs, and we do want to sing the touching songs, but life is beautiful, and I really want to believe that Rene has a life after his life, that he doesn’t suffer anymore.” Celine about Pink