The New Zealand born singer-songwriter turns it up a notch with a club-inspired cut powered by programmed house grooves and angelic vocal textures.


Since we premiered the video for her single Dreamers in May, New Zealand-born synth-pop singer and producer Laura Lee has been busy working in the studio towards her next EP release. Along the way, she took some time out to co-write a sparkly new instrumental cut titled I Feel with Australian producer JCOS. Powered by programmed house grooves, angelic vocal textures, bubbling synth notes, and a low-slung bass line – it’s buoyant and bouncy soundworld relocates Laura’s pop aspirations inside the late nights of London and Melbourne club culture.

“Originally the track started off with a full vocal track, but I really liked the intro that JCOS had sent me,” she explains. “We stripped it back and repeated the intro. That’s when I just decided it should be an instrumental. It didn’t seem necessary to put vocals back in it, but I liked the line ‘I feel,’ so we stuck with that. I’d been wanted to do an instrumental track for a while as it’s not what I usually do. Most of my songs are quite vocal-heavy, which made it nice to do something different.”