I can bring a change, I can bring the thunder and the rain
Everything around me, everything will rearrange

I’m coming back like a hurricane
I’m gonna take you higher
On a cloud of silver haze
I wanna take you higher
Away, away, away

We can blow them over
We can take them out if you stay
This is just a warning
Nothings standing in my way
I told you before


Taken from the upcoming album ‘Music For Your Red Parts’, to be released 8 April 2022 on SAOS RECORDS

With Elli Tringou & Isi Charbila
Filmed by Theophilos Gerontopoulos
Edited by Stathis Karipidis & Theophilos Gerontopoulos
Story by Elena Stavraki
Directed by Stathis Karipidis