Only Girl-Stone

London’s Only Girl has impressed us for years with her charmingly soulful vocals, and she is impressing us again with her new single, “Stone”. The song is one produced by previous collaborator JM∆C, and, here, he crafts a stripped-down, percussion-less foundation of synths and piano that allows Only Girl to display the full potential of her marvelous vocal tone.

Only Girl explains that the track embodies “that moment when you let someone in, after resisting the feelings that are growing, and finally allow yourself to fall in love”. If you listen closely, you’ll hear birds chirping throughout the song, a subtle feature that’s been included because the song was written in her birdsong-filled garden studio, and we appreciate the artistic inclusion, for sure.

Millie Turner – Eyes On You

Though pop dominates the music landscape, UK singer-songwriter Millie Turner has chosen to forego the usual aspirations of those her age and to make folk-inspired sound, instead. They still stun, however, and, with Millie’s gorgeous vocals and the delicate, undulating flow on her latest single “Eyes on You”, you can consider us transfixed, for sure. Listen below, and hope for more.


Bearcubs-Do You Feel

Bearcubs requires little foreword on the site, as we have delved into his vocal-backed electronic a few times before. Today, after a considerable hiatus, he’s back with a debut album announcement and an introductory single entitled “Do You Feel”, and, given its feature here, we absolutely vibe with it a lot.

Staying consistent with his style, the UK talent adds a chilled undertone here, utilizing break-filled patterns, and lush, accented vocals. The single has got us thrilled for more work from him, and we should be provided with several new releases in the weeks to come. For now, listen to this below.


Johan is an act you can’t pigeonhole in one sound, and we love him for that. A lot of artists fall into the trap of thinking they’d lose their identity if they veer from what they’re known for, but, not him.

“Medusa”Kailee Morgue

Per The FADER, Kailee Morgue went viral from a demo, and, now, she’s signed to Republic Records. It’s not really an atypical case, but it is an awesome one, and it’s cool to see she’s been successful so far. With “Medusa”, that track that caught attention, we have a modern-sounding, chill bit of indie and electronic-pop, and, while it does not reinvent any wheel(s), it does set the groundwork for a prosperous career to (maybe) come. Listen below, and let’s see what else she’s doing from here.