Cycladic island’s ancient wine tradition is worth exploring, along with the new local beer Nissos making a splash.

The long history of winemaking in Tinos is evidenced by archaeological findings: the Temple of Dionysus, coins from the 6th and 4th century BC depicting grapes and Dionysus. These artifacts not only reveal the existence of wine since antiquity but also highlight its monumental significance in the lives of Tinos’ inhabitants since ancient times.

The vineyards of Tinos have seen days of glory and once brought great prosperity to the island, allowing the Tinian people to export their wine, grape must/molasses and raki, despite the many challenges they faced, such as the uprooting of vineyards by the Venetians in the early 17th century to make way for wheat cultivation.

In the 20th century, the vineyards were nearly abandoned, but over the past two decades or so, they have made a strong regenerative comeback. Today, the island is home to wineries that produce high-quality wines.

Among them, you can visit the following wineries and microbrewery by appointment:

Tinian Vineyards (T-Oinos)

T-Oinos Winery proudly presents a remarkable achievement: the production of wine from Tinos’ volcanic soil, a tradition revived after 3000 years. With utmost dedication to organic farming practices, the vineyard preserves the untamed beauty of the land. Cultivating exclusively Greek grape varieties, many of which are native to the Cyclades region, T-Oinos wines showcase a symphony of complex flavors and captivating aromas. This harmonious fusion is born from the sun-kissed vines, the caress of the sea breeze, and the gentle touch of the Etesian winds.

Address: Agios Dimitrios, Falatados, Tel: 22830 41120, +30 698 037 9334, Website:

Vaptistis Winery

At Vaptistis Winery, they celebrate the richness of Tinos’ terroir by exclusively using indigenous Greek grape varieties that flawlessly adapt to the island’s unique soil and climate. In the picturesque mountains of Tinos, this hospitable boutique winery offers breathtaking views that enhance the experience of wine tastings, delightful light bites and guided tours.

Address: Steni, Tel: 22830 42155, 698 173 6564, Websitevaptistiswinery.comInstagramvaptistiriswinery

Volacus Wine

Volacus Wine takes its name from the round granite rocks called “volakes” that dot the landscape near Falatados village in Tinos. Michalis Kontizas, the founder, was inspired by these formations. The vineyard’s grapevines are strategically planted among these rocks, imparting a unique character to both the wine and the scenery. In the vineyard’s courtyard, beneath the shade of a plane tree, a table is always set with local treats and wine, beckoning visitors to indulge in the essence of Tinos.

Address: Falatados, Tel: 697 848 5671, Websitewww.facebook.comInstagramvolacus_wine

Nissos Microbrewery

Established in 2012 by Alexandros Kouris and Maya Tsocli, Nissos brought Tinos into the spotlight of foodies. The unpasteurized and fresh beer, which embodies richness, aroma, and robust flavor, made history in the craft brewing industry and inspired entrepreneurs throughout the entire country. The Nissos Greek Island pilsner has been honored with the Silver European Beer Star award.

Address: Provincial Road Tinos-Ormos Ag. Ioannis, Tel: +30 2283 026333,