Pink Noisy (aka George Kartsakis) is a composer, musician and music producer.
In 2007 he joined Unlove Recordings and made his first release, where he had the chance to show his abilities and face a wider audience. Following productions were released through various indie labels such as Energy Productions, Suma Records, Redstick Recordings, 17:44, PlanetWorks, George V Records. His successful remakes of the songs “Tango To Evora” & “Litanie Des Saints” were included in the famous Buddha Bar collections(XIII & XIV respectively) and expand his audience all over Europe. In April 2012 he signed with Sony Music and he released his single “Mestral” in collaboration with Romania’s top duo Radio Killer. It was indisputably the #1 hit of summer 2012 and one of the biggest airplay hits of the year with more than 8 million streams and as result was released worldwide by Ultra Records & Toco. In 2014 signed with Feelgood Records in Greece. His follow up singles were also collaborations: “Come Alive” (2014, with No1 Romanian singer Andreea Banica) & “I Want More”(2014, with top Greek female DJ M. Antwna), both radio & club favorites.
With his new single “Ani Kuni”(inspired by a traditional Indian melody) Pink Noisy expands his musical horizon and melts electronic sounds with world elements.