Visit one (or all) of these 5 dog friendliest countries for pet-loving travelers. Leaving the fur baby at home isn’t always fun. Worrying about them while away, looking for them before remembering they aren’t there to enjoy that special moment with you can ruin an entire trip.

On the other hand, taking your pup along for the trip can cause disruptions in your travel itinerary. Not all countries are pet-friendly, so bringing them can do things like make your room type change because they don’t allow dogs in certain suites. Or, being pressed to suddenly find a restaurant with a patio and a positive attitude toward the pooch.

Places like the Galapagos Islands don’t even allow dogs to visit. Knowing which countries are the dog friendliest countries for pet-loving travelers helps sort vacations out quickly and easily.

United States

It’s obvious that the United States would be at the top of the list. Businesses are known to set out dog bowls with water, offer treats to walkers-by and simply love their fur babies. Dog parks and dog bars are popular in the U.S. Even bringing them home from another country is generally just some paperwork.


Japan loves its doggies! And yours too. Visit their multitude of pet stores with your fur baby. If you need to work, many of the co-working spaces allow people to bring their pets. Oh, and don’t forget to take them to Machida Grandberry, the dog-friendly Japanese Mall.


There are dog- friendly beaches, hiking trails and dog- friendly restaurants for the fur babies of Chile. Even dogs that don’t have a friend to live with are well taken care of. In Santiago, the strays frequent public dog houses and are well-fed by locals.



Germany is one of the dog-friendliest countries in the world. Virtually every business welcomes dogs and provides them with water and treats. Home to the largest animal sanctuary in Europe, you may want to bring one back home with you when visiting.


dog friendly countries

Canada has so many wild nature adventures for dogs and their travel companions. The country loves cats too, so feel free to bring either along on an epic road trip in the Rockies. Or, bring your fur baby to board one of the pet-friendly Canadian ferries.